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Cobranding Integration Instructions

It is suggested, but not required, that you place a buffer page between your site and BackPageAds explaining to your users that BackPageAds is a separate cobranded service from the rest of your site, that BackPageAds is not operated by your site, and therefore, your users should contact BackPageAds directly with any questions, support issues, or other problems relating to the classified ad service.

To integrate BackPageAds into your site, you should create a horizontal frameset in order to:
1) maintain your site logo at the top of the screen at all time
2) provide a "home" button that can break down the frame set and return your users to your site's entry page.

Example Frameset:

<html><head><title>Your Site Name Classified Ads (powered by</title></head>
<frameset frameborder=0 name=Main framespacing=0 frameborder=0 border=0 rows="75,*">
	<frame name=TOP framespacing=0 frameborder=0 border=0 marginheight=0 
		src=your_site_banner.html scrolling=no>
	<frame name=MAIN frameborder=0 marginheight=0 marginwidth=0 scrolling=auto 
		src=,c017001,r###,x2,y10 >

The top frame should be loaded with a banner HTML with a "home" link that will break the frameset and return the user to your site.

Example Code for your_site_banner.html:

<table border=0 width=100%>
  <td valign=center>
    <a target=_top href=>Home</a>
  <td valign=center width=100% >
    <img border=0 src=your_site_logo.>&nbsp;
  <td valign=center>
    <a target=_top href=>Home</a>

Obviously, this is just an example to illustrate the technical requirements. You will want to match the layout and design of your header frame to the rest of your site.

1) you should have a frameset, although it is also perfectly suitable to simply add a link to BackPageAds with the appropriate startup parameters.
2) You should use a link with target=_top to break the frameset and return to your web site.

If your site is already using frames, then itegration is even easier... as you only need to add a link to load BackPageAds into your Main/Content frame.

BackPageAds Startup Parameters

BackPageAds supports several startup parameters to make your integration as clean and flexible as possible.


Supported Parameters:

R# - This preloads your reseller id so that all accounts created by your users will be marked for your sales commission. This is the only REQUIRED parameter.

B1 - This preloads BackPageAds to run with with a smaller "cobranded" logo.

X# - This preloads the number of columns of ads to display. Valid parameters are X2, X3, X4, X5 or X6.

Y# - This preloads the number of rows of ads to display per page. Valid parameters are Y10, Y20, Y30, or Y40.

S - The S parameter fully suppresses all adult oriented ads, and also suppresses the user option to enable the display of adult ads. This option may be appropriate for family oriented, small community oriented, or religious sites.

A# - This selects the STARTING value for whether or not to display adult oriented ads (0=none, 1=ONLY, and 2=MIXED) while ALSO displaying the user input control to enable or disable adult oriented ads.
A0 may be appropriate for sites which don't wish emphasize adult content, but where it may still be acceptable for a user to search for it should they choose to.
A2 may be appropriate for sites where the display of adult oriented ads is acceptable.
A1 which displays ONLY adult content would obviously only be appropriate for the most risque sites.

BackPageAds does not mandate any particular choices for the adult content controls. The partnering webmasters are solely responsible for selecting the appropriate adult controls when loading the BackPageAds application from their web sites.

C# - This preloads BackPageAds showing ads that match a particular CATEGORY. You should choose a category from the LIST of all available categories. Mouse over each category and when you click one, you will see the corresponding value for C# displayed in the address bar.

For example, if your web site is about Fords, then you may want to preload the category to C001001015 which is Vehicles -> Used Cars for Sale -> Ford.

But if your web site is about cars in general, then you probably want to preload the caregory to C001 which only specifies the top level category as "Vehicles".

L# - This preloads BackPageAds showing ads that match a particular LOCATION. You should choose a location from the LIST of all available locations. Mouse over each location and when you click one, you will see the corresponding value for L# displayed in the address bar.

NOTE: Most Nationwide US web sites will want to preload the the location with the parameter L001 which will start BackPageAds and load ads for the entire United States.

If your web site is about Miami Florida, you may want to preload a Location of L001010021 which is Miami, FL. Or you could preload for the entire state of Florida as L001010.

If you have specific questions with integration, email BackPageAds support at the address given on on our contact page. You question will be answered by our technical personnel as soon as possible.

SUGGESTION: Narrow the starting location and category only as far as you are absolutely certain your users will be interested. The goal is to display a fairly broad range of ads and let your users drill down and filter to more specific ads. The more ads your users read, the more effective BackPageAds will be as an advertising forum, and the more likely your users will be to place ads.

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