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BackPageAds offers a 30% commission on all sales, payable by monthly check, with a $25 minimum payment. Unpaid commissions will accrue (accumulate), and when the total amount due exceeds $25, the entire commission earned will be paid in full.

BackPageAds is not an MLM. You can't sign up resellers under you in an effort to make money from their efforts. BackPageAds is a not an affiliate of some other provider. This means that you will have a one on one relationship with BackPageAds. We will be your service provider, and you will be our partnering content provider.

BackPageAds offers a cobranding program, not a rebranding program. This means that BackPageAds does not attempt to implement your stylesheet or logo. Rather, BackPageAds was specifically designed and intended to be loaded into a frame and integrated into your existing web site. The BackPageAds cobranded logo reads "powered by BackPageAds (dot com)".

About cookies and commissions: BackPageAds uses a cookie to insure that each of your customers generates commission for your site. The BackPageAds commission cookie is set by the MOST RECENT referral to the BackPageAds engine and lasts for one year, or until a specific referral from another partner takes place. The Reseller cookie is ONLY written when BackPageAds is specifically loaded using the r parameter. If your customer subsequently visits BackPageAds by directly typing the url or using a bookmark, your cookie is NOT replaced, overwritten, or deleted.

If, however, your customer visits a different BackPageAds partner, and THROUGH THAT SITE, visits BackPageAds and places an order, then THAT site will receive the commission. If the same customer then visits YOUR site, and throught YOUR site visits BackPageAds and places an order, the YOU will receive the commission.

BackPageAds does not require a Reseller Agreement from its partners. You load us into your site, we run. Our customers place ads, we both make money. It really is that simple.

So how do you get started? Easy as 1-2-3:

First, create an account, and Login.

Second, Sign up for a Cobranding Commission Account (this is so we can assign a unique reseller ID number for you and get the address to use for payments).

Third, integrate us into your site using the instructions provided.

Thats it. The entire process can take less than 5 minutes if you're fast with HTML. And if you have an active site with over 100,000 visitors a month, it doesn't matter because we'll do the integration for you... free of charge.

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